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With a wide variety of security and safety products available to motor caravanners, it is no wonder that motorhome insurance customers find it difficult to choose the best devices for them and those which are going to make a meaningful difference to a Motor Caravan Insurance quote.

Here at Shield Total Insurance we strive to offer you the best motorhome insurance on the market which is why we’ve produced this guide to steer you towards the safety and security devices that not only save you money on your Motor Caravan Insurance premium but can dramatically enhance your safety on the road and the security of your vehicle and its contents.

Each of the following items will attract a premium discount if fitted and correctly used.


Tyron multiband safety bands

When it comes to keeping out of trouble, then ensuring that your motorhome’s tyres remain on the rim in the event of a puncture or a blow out is essential. Thankfully these occurrences are rare, but from an insurer’s point of view the potential claim can be huge. This is why we are prepared to reward careful motor caravanners who fit this very effective safety device.

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TyrePal tyre pressure monitoring systems

The TyrePal tyre pressure monitoring system provides a cost effective way to monitor the temperature and pressure of your motorhome tyres, as a means to alleviating a potential accident caused by tyre failure (e.g. due to a tyre blow out, soft or overheating tyre, or puncture).

Value cap sensors replace the existing dust caps in your motorhome tyres, to transmit a wireless signal to a monitor that sits on the dashboard. This safety alert system triggers a visual and audible warning when the tyre temperature increases above a set level, or the tyre pressure falls below a pre set level. It even indicates the nature of the problem and tyre affected.

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GAP Security Direct

GAP Security is a well respected supplier and fitting agent for a wide range of alarms and security products. Their network of fitters means you will get a job well done wherever you are. For assistance or to arrange a mobile installation at a discounted price, please call GAP Security on 0800 840 6883 quoting your policy number.

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Immobilisers are a great way to prevent your motorhome from being started and stolen. Most new motorhomes are built on base vehicles where immobilisers built into the ignition key are part of the standard specification, but older vehicles and some self-build conversions may not have this facility.

Thatcham approved alarm and immobiliser (Cat1 & Cat2)

Thatcham or the Motorhome Insurance Repair Research Centre to give it its proper title has defined a number of categories for vehicle security devices. In each category, third party security products have been evaluated against “The British Insurance Industry’s Criteria for Vehicle Security”, using specific tests to indicate the effectiveness of the product. The product listing is updated as and when new security systems are judged to have successfully complied with the criteria. Each product is subject to a review after 12 months.

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Tracking Devices

Tracking systems are a requirement on your Shield motorhome insurance policy if the vehicle is valued at £50,001 or greater.

There are many different tracking devices on the market, those with and without monitoring (some times referred to as Active or ProActive).

They use Global Positioning Systems or GPS and mobile phone systems GSM and sometimes a combination of both technologies to keep your vehicle secure. There is much debate about the relative merits of these systems but the fact remains that they are all likely to improve your chances of recovering your motorhome in the event of a theft and we are prepared to offer a motor caravan insurance discount for all of these listed.

Check with the manufacturers for suitability for your unit and ask them about their recovery rate too.


A tracking system purpose-made for motorhomes and touring caravans, the HAL Locate system has been fitted as standard on many Swift Group products for 2009 models onwards. It carries Sold Secure Approval.

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Phantom tracking device

Being widely accepted throughout the motorhome industry, Phantom uses GPS and GSM technology. The 24 hour Phantom Monitoring Centre can pinpoint the location of your stolen motorhome, enabling the police to make a speedy recovery and possibly catch the thieves. The award-winning Phantom units come in two types – but it is the Proactive (fully-monitored) version that meets our requirements and carries Sold Secure Approval.

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RAC Trackstar +

The RAC Trackstar + is a GPS based unit offering a monitored solution to motor caravanners.

Tracker Monitor

Perhaps the best-known name in car stolen vehicle recovery products, Tracker uses Very High Frequency (VHF) radio technology, the police can track the stolen vehicle even it is being transported in a van, hidden in a shipping container or parked underground.

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