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Touring caravan Insurance - key protection cover

We are pleased to offer our competitively priced, key protection cover for only £10.50 per annum to our touring caravan insurance customers.

The cover has been specially designed to look after you should any of your keys be lost, stolen or broken. It is a high quality key fob with a unique reference number and the offer of a £10 reward to the finder if your keys are found.

Our experience suggests that it can cost as much as £600 to have a new lock fitted on your car and £300 for your home and much the same for a caravan.

With your Shield key protection cover can protect your No Claims Discount under your other policies should your keys be lost, stolen or broken (and there is no excess to pay)!

Significant key protection policy benefits include:

Our statistics show that there is a 90% chance that your keys will be recovered

At a cost of £10.50 we believe Shield's key protection cover offers excellent value.

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