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Touring caravan insurance discounts

Save money on your Touring Caravan Insurance today.

We offer a wide range of premium discounts which could save you up to a MASSIVE 60% off your Caravan Insurance. These include:

No Claims Discount

Up to 25% no claims discount is available for “4 or more claim free years” caravanning.

Secure caravan storage

We are a key supporter of the Caravan Storage Site Owners’ Association (CaSSOA) and recognise the high standard of security provided.  If your caravan is stored in a CASSOA approved secure storage site (www.cassoa.co.uk), we allow a discount of up to 25% depending on the security Award rating (Bronze, Silver or Gold).

Safety and security devices

We offer a premium discount if your Caravan has fitted any, or a combination of the following safety and security devices:

National / Regional / Owners’ club membership

Up to 10% if you are a member of the Caravan Club.

Voluntary policy excess

You have to pay the first part of any one claim (for each separate incident). This is known as an “excess”.  If you choose to increase your excess from the standard policy excess of £100 up to £175 or £250, you will be entitled to a premium discount.

You may, like a number of other Caravan Insurance customers, qualify for up to our maximum 60% premium discount *.  Unlike some Caravan Insurers, our discounts are cumulative so you get the true benefit of the stated discount.

** subject to our minimum premium of £48.00 (inclusive of Insurance Premium Tax)

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