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Insurance hints and tips

How do you find the right caravan insurance for your touring caravan, folding caravan, folding camper or trailer tent? After all it’s a big investment so it needs protection. Shield Total Insurance offers 10 top tips to help get the best deal.

It is worth shopping around for caravan insurance but what makes a difference to the amount you pay? Shield deals with thousands of claims for accidents, damage and theft, so here are some tips to help get things right for you.

1. Levels of cover

Check you have the cover you need. Your car insurance will not cover the cost of repairing or replacing your caravan and its contents. Some people don’t insure but can they really afford to shrug their shoulders and walk away from a big loss?

Do you have the level of flexibility to adjust the continental cover, personal accident and public liability to suit your needs so that you pay for exactly what you want? Look at our competitive prices for the cover you need; premiums can start from as low as £48.00.

Caravan insurance can fall into three "basic of cover" that apply in the event of a claim settlement: new for old, market value and guaranteed value (or sometimes called "agreed value"). For further information please click: touring caravan insurance cover options.

2. No claims discount and protection

Big discounts of up to 25% are available if you’re a careful caravanner and haven’t claimed during the last four years. This discount is valuable but could be lost on your renewal if you suffer a loss. Does your insurer offer you the opportunity to protect your no claims discount? We do!

3. Claims service

The only time you truly know whether your insurer is any good!  Check for UK-based claims handling teams, speak to friends and neighbours on site to get their experiences. Many of our customers are introduced to us through recommendations.

4. Security and safety discounts

Many insurers expect you to fit a wheel clamp and hitchlock but what do they do if you are prepared to go that little extra and fit the best security devices? They may offer you discounts but how many remove the theft excess entirely? We do and we will discount your premium as well! How many others can say the same?

5. Buy online

The best companies allow you to quote and buy online. This makes the quoting process faster, includes the facility to adjust the cover to suit your needs and allows you to choose your payment method. All at a time that suits you.

6. Storage

The place you keep your caravan is important; the more secure locations allow you to enjoy big premium discounts. Home is not the safest place for your caravan and, worse still, it advertises when you’re away. 48% of caravan thefts occur from home.

Try using professional storage sites built specifically for the purpose of keeping your caravan safe such as CaSSOA (www.cassoa.co.uk). Gold-rated CaSSOA sites could save you another 25% of your premium, which could help pay to keep your caravan safe.

7. Flexible voluntary excess

Put simply, the excess is the first part of a claim that is not paid by insurers. The higher amount you choose for this, the cheaper your premium. But check you can afford it as the claim might not be your fault and you might be out of pocket whilst you reclaim.

8.  Cover abroad

Are you paying for it when you never use it? Have you got enough if you are touring in Europe for longer periods? Again the best insurers allow you to flex this from anything between 0 and 365 days.

Did you know that it is illegal to tow a caravan in some European countries unless you have bought caravan insurance?

9. Club membership

Why do you get a discount for this? Because it means you are an enthusiast and usually take better care than others. Obviously the Clubs themselves will give a discount, but we will give up to 10% off for owners’ clubs and other organisations.

10. Insurer security

In any caravan magazine, you’ll find many insurance companies – mainly brokers – plying their trade. But who actually pays your claims and how good are they? Check out the name of the insurer and make sure they are regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

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