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Motorhome insurance - hints and tips

There are many reasons for choosing a specialist motorhome insurance provider like Shield. Not least the fact that far too many motorhome policies are purely extensions to private car policies that don’t take all of your needs into account.

Your motorhome is not just your pride and joy; it’s an expensive purchase. Quite possibly the second most expensive item you’ll ever buy. It travels the highways in all weathers, often goes abroad and contains a potentially interesting mixture of LPG and fuel! It’s your home away from home, carries many of your valuables and can represent a tempting target to the less honest members of the community.

Some motor insurers have real problems coming to terms with the idea that a Ford Transit can cost over £40,000! It’s also unlikely that the policy will cover the fixture and fittings of your motorhome or that you’ll be covered in the event of a gas explosion.

Using a specialist motorhome insurance provider like Shield means that you’ll be dealing with knowledgeable, friendly and experienced staff.

Here are a few pointers to make sure that you get the right insurer for you:

Instant cover

Try and deal with a company that operates electronic data transferral directly to the insurance company.  Using computer produced cover notes rather than handwritten.

Easy payments

Make sure that you have the opportunity of paying by a variety of methods.

Converted vehicles

Whether your motor caravan is factory produced, or a home conversion, ensure that the policy recognises all the fixtures and fittings so that if they are damaged, you are reimbursed.

Contents cover

Does the policy include generous amounts of cover for your awning and caravanning equipment? If not, you could be looking at quite a large replacement bill which you have to fork out for yourself.

Introductory discounts

If you are new to motor caravanning, will you be allowed a reduction of premium based on your no claims bonus from your private car or do you start from scratch?

Continental use

How much European cover is extended in one trip – some insurers say that you are covered annually and yet you cannot travel for any trip exceeding 60 days in one go. Are you charged extra each and every time that you travel?

Good insurers make sure that your Certificate has an International Motor Insurance Card (the old Green Card) attached to your Certificate, specifying the countries for which cover has been extended, so that you do not have to arrange this prior to departure.

Windscreen cover

Does your policy not only cover your windscreen, but broken glass in the side windows and any scratched bodywork caused by the broken glass? This normally carries an excess of £50.

Will you have to take your motorhome into a busy city centre, or will the repair be carried out at your home?

Breakdown cover

Have you a choice of organising breakdown cover.  Valuable for roadside assistance, home start and relay. Is the cover available in the UK and Europe - make sure that the cover extends to the European Union and that there are no silly restrictions for travelling.

Try and ensure that the breakdown provider understands motorhomes!  You don’t want the breakdown wagon turning up to find out that they are only equipped to recover cars.

Claims service

Having your motor caravan stolen or damaged is an extremely stressful event. Does your insurer operate a claims department that understands the needs of a motorhome owner?

All of these services and more are available by insuring your motorhome with Shield Total Insurance.

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