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Folding caravan insurance

Save BIG on your folding caravan insurance

  • Cover whatever the age, make or model
  • Up to 10 years "New for Old" cover
  • Discounts available of up to 60%
  • 5% discount for storing in a locked garage

Award-winning cover from just £48

When looking for cheaper folding caravan insurance it pays to use the services of a specialist caravan insurance provider such as Shield. We readily understand the subtle differences between a trailer tent, folding camper, folding caravan (or “folding compact caravan” as the Pennine Group call it) and a conventional touring caravan.

Great value folding caravan insurance from just £48

Folding caravans (with their “fold away” solid rigid roof and sides) offer a number of significant advantages over the traditional tourer. The fold down caravan’s lower height and profile allows for greater visibility and can be easier to tow or manoeuvre, whilst permitting secure, overnight, storage (in a domestic garage).

The lighter caravan weight and reduced fuel consumption will no doubt appeal to the discerning caravanner who is looking to downsize to a smaller tow car (and also save on their folding caravan insurance - with Shield’s great value, low cost cover from only £48).

The build quality by the two British folding caravan manufacturers in this niche caravan market sector (Gobur and Pennine), is good with both providing well finished products.

Of the historical caravan manufacturers you may come across, two are French makes:

(You can still find the occasional foreign, folding caravan make on used forecourts).

Why not get an online folding caravan insurance quote today and see just how much you could save. 

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