Touring Caravan Insurance – Security Devices

With such a myriad of security products available to caravanners, it is no wonder that touring caravan insurance customers find it difficult to choose the best devices for them and those which are going to make a meaningful difference to a touring caravan insurance quote.

Here at Shield Total Insurance we strive to offer you the best touring caravan insurance on the market which is why we’ve produced this guide to steer you towards the security devices that not only save you money on your touring caravan insurance premium but can dramatically enhance the security of your caravan and possessions.

Each of the following items will attract an insurance premium discount if fitted and correctly used and those security devices duly marked will reduce your excess to zero if in correct use at the time of any total loss of the caravan due to theft.

AL-KO Secure wheel lock

Credited with being one of the most significant anti-theft measures of the last decade, the AL-KO Secure has been available as a standard fitment to many caravans from 2006 onwards, but can be retrospectively fitted to many caravans as old as 2001 using AL-KO chassis.

Fitting this device removes the need for you to employ any other form of wheel clamp.

This device also attracts our zero excess benefit – see above.

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Factory-fitted alarm system

Alarms are a great deterrent and can draw attention to any intruders on site. Often though they have been poorly specified or DIY fitted without expert knowledge. At Shield Total Insurance we recognise any alarm system factory fitted to touring caravans from new with a security discount.

SAS Diamond wheel lock

Another wheel lock but this time designed for use with BPW chassis as commonly used by Explorer / Elddis caravans from 2004 onwards. Working in a similar fashion to the more widespread AL-KO unit, it is easy to fit, effective and provides a strong visible deterrent too.

Fitting this device removes the need for you to employ any other form of wheel clamp.

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Tracking devices

There are many different tracking devices on the market, those with and without monitoring (some times referred to as Active or ProActive).

They use Global Positioning Systems or GPS and mobile phone systems GSM and sometimes a combination of both technologies to keep your caravan secure. There is much debate about the relative merits of these systems but the fact remains that they are all likely to improve your chances of recovering your caravan in the event of a theft and we are prepared to offer a touring caravan insurance discount for all of these listed.

Check with the manufacturers for suitability for your unit and ask them about their recovery rate too.


A tracking system purpose-made for touring caravans and motorhomes, the HAL Locate system has been fitted as standard on many historical Swift Group products. It carries Sold Secure Approval.

This device also attracts our zero excess benefit – see above.

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M-Track combines GSM and RF (radio frequency) technology to pinpoint the location of your caravan and as such claims to be able to locate your unit inside buildings. It carries Sold Secure Approval.

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Phantom tracking device

Being widely accepted throughout the caravan industry, Phantom uses GPS and GSM technology. The 24 -hour Phantom Monitoring Centre can pinpoint the location of your stolen caravan or motorhome, enabling the police to make a speedy recovery and possibly catch the thieves. The award-winning Phantom units come in two types – the Proactive (fully-monitored) version and the Target unit. Phantom also carries Sold Secure Approval.

The Phantom Proactive device also attracts our zero excess benefit – see above.

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RAC Trackstar +

The RAC Trackstar + is a GPS based unit offering a monitored solution to caravanners.

Tracker monitor

Perhaps the best-known name in car stolen vehicle recovery products, Tracker uses Very High Frequency (VHF) radio technology, the police can track the stolen vehicle even it is being transported in a van, hidden in a shipping container or parked underground.

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