Touring Caravan Insurance – Safety Devices

With such a myriad of safety products available to caravanners, it is no wonder that touring caravan insurance customers find it difficult to choose the best devices for them and those which are going to make a meaningful difference to a touring caravan insurance quote.

Here at Shield Total Insurance we strive to offer you the best touring caravan insurance on the market which is why we’ve produced this guide to steer you towards the safety devices that not only save you money on your touring caravan insurance premium but can dramatically enhance your safety on the road.

Each of the following items will attract an insurance premium discount if fitted and correctly used.


The ATC device is an ingenious solution that helps prevent a caravan from snaking. This simple electronic control system reacts quickly to maintain the stability of the car and caravan. AL-KO ATC is similar to the ESP-system on some cars, continually monitoring the stability of the caravan during a journey and only operates when an unstable condition is encountered.  When AL-KO ATC activates, the driver will feel the vehicle being slowed down by the soft braking of the caravan.

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TyrePal tyre pressure monitoring

TyrePal tyre monitoring systems

TyrePal supply tyre pressure monitoring systems for a wide range of vehicles, including single and twin axle caravans. You simply need to replace the existing dust caps in your caravan tyres with valve cap sensors, to monitor the temperature and pressure of each tyre. A wireless signal is then transmitted to a monitor that sits on your tow car’s dashboard.

This early visual and audible warning system can help reduce the likelihood of an accident caused by a tyre blowout, puncture or leaking value (providing additional peace of mind for the safety conscious caravanner).

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Tyron multiband safety bands

When it comes to keeping out of trouble, then ensuring that your caravan’s tyre remains on the rim in the event of a puncture or a blow out is essential. Thankfully these occurrences are rare, but from an insurer’s point of view the potential claim can be huge. This is why we are prepared to reward careful caravanners who fit this very effective safety device.

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