Self Build Motorhome Insurance

Are you looking for cheap insurance for your self build motorhome?

We are recognised throughout the outdoor leisure industry for our great insurance deals on campervans, coach built motorhomes and professionally converted panel vans.

Unlike a large number of other insurance providers, we specialise in the insurance of self-build motorcaravans, offering a FULL self build quote and buy online facility. Why not get an online self build quote today and see just how much you could save.

When searching for insurance for your panel van conversion or campervan conversion, you may be surprised at the variety of related categories used to describe this specialist type of motorhome.

It is important to find an insurance underwriter that has the experience, knowledge and understanding of the detailed steps and time involved to successfully complete such a DIY self build motorhome project. We can insure your vehicle as a motorhome from the onset of the policy, meaning no expensive engineer reports upon completion of the conversion, or complications when trying to amend the motorhome policy from a van to a motorhome.

For home converted vehicles the conversion must be completed within 180 days from the inception date of the insurance policy and have the following:

  • Bed with a minimum length of six feet (bed fixtures must be secured to the vehicle floor and/or walls)
  • Sliding side door or an outward opening rear or side door
  • At least one side window
  • Seating area for diners to sit round a detachable or fixed table, with permanently secured seating which must be available for use at a table. (The table must be mount directly to the vehicle floor or side walls and be secured as a permanent fixture – bolted, riveted, screwed or welded)
  • Permanent installation to house a water container (the vehicle must have an onboard or external e.g. under the chassis, water container)
  • Wardrobes or cupboards
  • Gas or electric hob, or microwave (the gas and electric hobs must have a minimum of 2 cooking rings). Microwave ovens must have a power source.
  • Gas cooking facilities with remote fuel supplies and a gas supply pipe permanently secured to the vehicle structure

You will be required to:

  • Provide 4 photographs within 2 weeks of policy inception, prior to the conversion taking place (2 of the interior and 2 of the exterior including 1 of the registration number)
  • At 90 days provide 6 photographs (4 of the interior and 2 of the exterior, including 1 of the registration number)
  • At 180 days (completion) provide 6 photographs (4 of the interior and 2 of the exterior including full conversion requirements and one of the registration number)

IMPORTANT: On completion of the conversion, the vehicle must be re-registered with DVLA as a “Motor Caravan”. Failure to re-register the vehicle will lead to policy cancellation.

Any commercial vehicle that is in the process of being converted should be insured at the purchase price until the panel van conversion is completed.

You will then be required to advise what the “new market value” should be and provide supporting purchase receipts. An additional premium may be required and your motorhome insurance excess may increase depending on the revised market value.

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