Swift Chamonix static caravan video review

11th January 2015


Our leisure industry expert, Andrew Jenkinson, offers an in depth review of the Swift Chamonix static caravan, from Swift’s holiday home range. The distinctive Chamonix is sure to appeal to Shield static caravan insurance customers looking for a well equipped holiday caravan that offers comfort, a quality build and a range of features as standard.

Transcript to Swift Chamonix video review

Hi I’m Andrew Jenkinson and I’m here at Salop Leisure in their fantastic area of holiday home sales.

I’m sat here in a Swift Chamonix, it’s superbly kitted out but the thing is that I’m sat here in a sales area and it’s like being on a park. It’s fantastic.

You want a buy a holiday home and you are wondering why you should probably buy one? Apart from all the luxury comforts of course it is one of the best ways to go for a weekend and just chill out, and it feels like you’re miles away from anywhere.

I would say a holiday home gives you some fantastic advantages. It means that you have got plenty of room and it really is another home.

Swift Caravans as we all know was started about 50 years ago and they were predominantly tourers. They entered the motorhome market in the mid 80s, but to everyone’s surprise they held off the holiday home market. Swift actually came in at the end of 2004 into the market with their holiday home range and from straight off the company produced a range which seemed to be a success with the buying public.

The Swift Chamonix, it’s around about £45,000. It’s medium priced and to be quite honest it is more a luxury home than anything else you are going to find on the market. First of all we are in the lounge area and it really is a relaxing area. It’s bright, it’s airy and you have got the French doors. The whole thing about the Swift is that it is very contemporary. It’s got some great features. It’s got the bonded side walls which gives better insulation and also a little bit of extra strength. It really is a smart area to be in, very relaxed. It’s got everything you would expect. You’ve got central heating in here. You’ve got a sofa bed. You’ve also got integral lighting in the ceiling. It’s also double glazed. The fact is that the materials just match very nicely together and with the daylight coming in, even on a dull afternoon it is always going to feel very bright and airy and very cheerful.

The Chamonix’s kitchen is really superb. It really is fitted so that nothing is very far away to hand at all. There’s a built- in fridge freezer. You also have a full oven. There’s a five burner hob. There’s also a Velux roof light in there so you are getting plenty of natural light through. There’s downlighters so you are never going to be in the dark. You have also got the option as well for a dishwasher and a washing machine. There’s plenty of cupboard space and a lot of worktop. It’s really a place where I could really quite happily go and cook a meal in there without any problem at all.

After you have cooked the meal you have got a great dining area. Four adults can sit round the table with perfect ease. It really is home from home.

The Swift has a fantastic rear end master bedroom and when I say master bedroom I say it with a capital M, because it’s got a complete island bed, king-sized. There’s stacks of storage in there. You‘ll never ever have a problem with taking too much stuff away with you at all. There will always be somewhere to put it. It feels like a five-star hotel. And for your visitors or for the kids there is a side bedroom with two single beds in there as well.

With this holiday home the great thing is the bathroom areas, because you’ve got so much extra space. You’ve got an en-suite. You’ve also got a family area and if your teenage daughter or son is deciding that caravanning is not quite for them, a holiday home actually would probably turn them to wanting to come away with you because of the extra space and the privacy.

At Shield we provide static caravan insurance policies for a wide range of holiday homes. It can be a static caravan, a lodge, a chalet or a park home. We offer discounts up to 40% and we provide cover for loss, damage, contents and sports equipment. What does it cost? Well insurance starts at about £78 for a Shield policy.

The holiday home at one time was literally a 16-foot big tourer that you plonked in a field, had few facilities and you froze at night. But then again people didn’t know any better. It’s evolved to become a real luxury leisure vehicle. For £45,000 the Swift offers tremendous value. For my mind this unit is one of the best you can buy on the market for this sort of money.

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