Guide to Camp-let Concorde trailer tents

28th June 2016


In our video “guide to trailer tents” John Fletcher of Camperlands Ltd kindly provides a demonstration of the popular Camp-let Concorde trailer tent. This essential guide is sure to appeal to Shield customers looking for a cheaper alternative to the conventional touring caravan.

You can even find out what the respected outdoor leisure journalist, Andrew Jenkinson has to say about this lightweight trailer!

Transcript to the Camp-let trailer tent video guide

This little baby is called the Concorde, it’s one of the Camp-let range, the Concorde is probably one of the most popular models and although there are seven or eight models in the range, we probably sell more of these than anything else simply because its more versatile, you can do more with it, you can put sun canopies on and side annexes and so on and so forth.

They are very robust, they’re GRP, there is a rack on top so you can put bikes on there, it’s a trailer tent with a little bit of a difference.

The storage capacity within the unit is pretty much the same across the range. They all come with a gel-coated body, they all come with alloy wheels.

This is probably the sort of Rolls Royce of trailer tents actually.

Everything about it is quality, it’s mild steel, powder coated, mild steel hinges, brass inlaid, aluminium rivets, inside it is all stainless steel bolts, there is nothing to rot at all on the trailer tent. If you look at the underneath of the trailer tent again there is no wood involved, it’s all gel-coated fibreglass so it’s going to last a long time.

It’s so easy to tow that is the obvious thing, and also they’re very light they’re around 250 kilos unladen.

So this is a very, very light trailer, it only weighs 250 kilograms as you can see you can clearly pick it up with two fingers.

Wind the legs down. We are cheating today by using a drill, it’s now fixed to the floor it’s not going anywhere. You would basically unlock it. There’s a proper Yale lock inside it, unlock the kitchen unit which is going to swing open 90 -degrees to the trailer. You would have a washing-up bowl that would slide into the end there with a 13-litre water container. Inside the kitchen comprises of a three-ring burner. The water pump is powered off two six-volt batteries.

Now the trailer has got gas assisted opening, it makes it nice and light and easy to open. Anybody from sort of 7 or 8 stone upward would have no problem opening this. The gas strut works up to 90 degrees so up to that point it’s no problem. You do need to get underneath it when you’re taking it down. So from that point there now, the canvas would just be unfolded.

This here comprises of a cabin and awning all in one, no zips involved, the framework is all pre-attached to the trailer, so it makes it nice and simple to open. Pull the canvas backwards, I’m not putting any effort into that, the canvas pulls over the kitchen and all I’m going to do now is get inside it and push the bar out until your windows are square, one on either side, and that’s your awning done now, cabin and awning all in one.

Here we are in the Camp-Let, now you saw it come out that, what looked like a little box on wheels, but look at it: its expanded its like a Tardis, it’s fantastic. The Camp-let also has a built in awning, so you’ve got plenty of space, but also you can get a canopy to go on it to actually double the space that you’ve already got. You can actually entertain the site and have big barbeque parties. You might not be popular with the neighbours but hey.

Lighting, they’ve got an electric box over there, you’ve got a couple of plug sockets. So really when you’re in the Camp-Let, you’ve got a taste of a bit of camping, but you’ve also got a bit of luxury with a little bit of caravanning.

Dropping the unit down, push it with one finger and its going down, it’s effortless and it’s a case then of pulling the skirt out and over the top and then you just fold it over and clamp it closed. Lock the door, hitch it back on your car and you’re away. So it will erect under two minutes, fully pegged – ten minutes, to fold down – well you’ve seen for yourself, 30 seconds.

What’s the advantages? Well you’ve got loads of space, it’s easy to store, it’s easy to tow, you don’t need a big 4×4. Its a relatively good, cheap way of getting the family away.

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