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Nate Murphy on van life and chasing summer

Nate Murphy is a Youtuber whose interest in rock climbing found him a passion in converting vans into self-sufficient campervans: a way to travel cheaper. His expertise and previous Industrial Designer experience, encouraged him to…

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6 Reasons Why You Need Insurance For Camping

Few things in life are more refreshing than experiencing forests, mountains and fresh air. Camping is a popular way for many to appreciate nature. After an exciting day of hiking, biking, boating or other adventures,…

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Staying Covered: How To Find The Right Pop-Up Camper Insurance

We love camping in the UK. Over 15 million camping and caravanning trips were taken in 2015, according to the Great Britain Tourism Survey. One step up from loading your car, 4X4, or van with…

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Caravan safety: 5 steps to protect your caravan from theft

With the main holiday season drawing to a close once again, many of us will be leaving our caravans in parks or closing them up ready for the winter. Unfortunately, this is usually the time…

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Agreed Value Cover: All you need to know

There are times when the regular insurance cover for your caravan, motorhome or campervan isn’t suitable. You may feel that getting back what you paid is the most important thing in the event of a…

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Static Caravan Insurance: Make sure you have the right cover

Would you like to insure your static caravan, but you don’t know about the insurance offered? If so, we are here to tell you why you should insure your static caravan to save you stress…

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Top caravan and camping sites in Wales 

UPDATE 22/09: Due to the recent rise in coronavirus cases, there are multiple local lockdowns being put in place by local authorities. Travelling is not banned, but it is not recommended at this time. If…

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3 Types of camping insurance everyone should consider

People who love camping really love camping. During warm weather, and even not-so-warm weather, everyone that knows you know all too well that you’re probably out there in nature somewhere, soaking it all in. Whether you’re…

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A Beginner’s guide to campervan insurance: Everything to know

Let’s talk about why you need campervan insurance. One of the first things most people consider after buying a campervan is purchasing insurance. Campervan insurance will help you get the most out of your campervan…

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7 Mistakes to avoid when buying caravan insurance

With over 500,000 touring caravans on the road in the UK, it’s clear that our love of caravanning and road trips are here to stay. It’s popular with all ages, as it’s affordable, comfortable, and…

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motorhome adventure
The Complete Guide To The Motorhome Adventure

The beautiful scenery, fresh air, nature, and memories like no other are just some things that come to mind when planning a motorhome holiday adventure. Whether you’re travelling a short distance, it might be the…

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campervan insurance
How Much Does Campervan Insurance Cost?

Campervan Insurance is easier to get than ever before. From comprehensive coverage to fire and theft, the right insurance provider makes all of the difference in a time of emergency. Shopping for a campervan, or…

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