How Much Is Camper Insurance: What You Need To Know

Written by Stuart Craig on 5th October 2020

In the UK, there are around 225,000 motorhomes. Camping is a huge part of UK tourism, but you shouldn’t set out in a camper without insurance.

So how much is camper insurance? It is difficult to determine a specific number, but you can take a few details into account when you insure your motorhome or camper.

Keep reading to learn about what goes into your camper insurance cost and some averages to bear in mind.

Camper Insurance Cost Factors

When determining how much is camper insurance, you need to consider a few factors. Not all insurance is the same, and your policy should fulfil your basic needs.

Depending on the motorhome you have and where you take it, you may have to pay more or less for camper insurance. If you and someone else have the same camper, you may have different insurance premiums.

Even so, you can use various factors to get an idea of how much camper insurance will cost you.

Motorhome Size

camper insurance - motorhome

The maximum size for a motorhome in the UK is 2.55 metres wide and 12 metres long. There isn’t a set maximum height, but the driver does need to see from their seat.

But while there are maximum length and width dimensions, you may find smaller campers. The smaller the vehicle, the less it will cost to insure.

You won’t have as much space or as much stuff as in the motorhome, so if something does happen, the camper insurance company won’t have to pay as much.

That means you get lower insurance premiums for smaller campers. Pop up camper insurance won’t be as expensive as that for a motorhome.

Motorhome Value

Camper prices usually line up with their size, you should consider the current value of your motorhome. If you installed significant upgrades, you could probably sell the unit for more than you paid for it.

However, if the motorhome has suffered from damage, its value will be lower. You can expect your camper insurance cost to differ based on your camper’s condition.

It may not be an exact comparison. For example, a £40,000 vehicle won’t necessarily cost twice as much to insure as a £20,000 camper.

But you should consider your motorhome’s retail value when insuring it. Then, you can get the cover you need to replace it if something goes wrong.

Motorhome Age

As your camper gets older, you may notice your insurance premium going down. That’s because the motorhome value typically goes down over the years.

Even if you hardly use your motorhome, you won’t sell it for the same price you paid when you bought it new.

But price depreciation doesn’t just happen once. The value can continue to change as your camper gets older.

So if you have two campers that you got five years apart, the newer one will cost more to insure. It doesn’t matter if the two are otherwise the same.

Motorhome Make

You also have to consider your motorhome brand and model. While these usually do have some connection to the vehicle’s price, some models are more expensive to insure.

Still, some motorhomes aren’t as easy to get. Some models are available used, but aren’t in production.

So you may need to pay more to insure a model you won’t find. If you need to replace it, you’ll have a harder time finding the same model on the used market.

Consider how easy it is to find your camper type and model. You might find that can affect how much you’ll pay for camper insurance.

Motorhome Features

Your motorhome can have various features, from extra rooms to appliances. But when it comes to your camper insurance cost, consider your vehicle’s security features.

You can install features including a wheel clamp or an alarm to protect your van. Those details will make it harder for someone to break into your camper.

Because camper insurance usually covers theft, safety precautions can help you lower your premium. If you install an alarm, insurance companies will understand you’re proactive about burglary, so they may offer a lower premium.

You can save around £7 on your insurance cost. While that may not sound like much, it will add up over the years.

Camper Drivers

motorhome insurance

You should also consider how many people will drive your camper. If you’re the only one, you can expect a lower premium than if you and even one other person were to drive the vehicle.

Adding a second driver can increase your premium by an average of £23. The third and fourth drivers can add another £40 to £44.

On the one hand, you can split the insurance cost between you and the other drivers. But you also have to consider everyone’s driving record.

So make sure you trust someone to take care of your camper before you let them drive it or add them to your insurance policy. Then, you can keep the cost from increasing.

Camper Storage

Another aspect that can affect your camper insurance cost is where you store the motorhome when you aren’t using it. Whether you’re preparing for the winter or you are taking a week or two off, you need to store your camper safely.

But where you do that is important.

  • Storing your camper in a locked garage at home can help you save money on your insurance premium.
  • Storing your camper on the driveway or street can increase your premium as much as using a storage unit or some other option.
  • Consider where you can keep your motorhome when you aren’t using it so that you can take advantage of a potential insurance discount.

Average Camper Insurance Cost

camper on the coast

After you consider all these factors, you can get an idea of your camper insurance cost. The average cost to insure a £39,000 motorhome is about £350 per year.

Of course, factors like age, size and security features can affect that price. If you need to insure your camper, get a quote for a better idea of how much it will cost you.

Some insurance plans can be as little as £300 per year, while others may top £1,000 a year. It all depends on the camper- and non-camper-related factors.

Things to Consider

While many motorhome features and factors can determine your insurance rate, so can other points. No matter what motorhome you have, you should think about a few factors that can further affect your insurance cost.

Your driving history and your choice of insurance cover can affect the price. Here’s what you need to know about those factors.

Camper Insurance Is Different

If you already have car insurance, you may wonder why you need camper insurance. Unfortunately, you can’t usually put your camper on the same insurance plan.

And even if you can, getting special camper insurance is a good idea. You can benefit from a specific policy that caters to your needs.

If you insure your motorhome under the same policy as your car, you may not have access to agents who know about motorhomes.

But when you look for specialised protection, you can get that type of help. You can ask an insurance company about their agents and the experience they have.

Then, you can make sure you get the cover and service you need whenever something happens to your camper.

Your Driving History

You should also consider your driving history and any other drivers on your plan. If you recently caused an accident, you’ll probably have to pay a higher premium until you get that off your record.

Alternatively, if you have a perfect driving record, you can save money on your camper premium. You’ll also have an incentive to drive carefully to keep that low rate.

Because if you do have an accident, your insurance company can raise the cost of your premium. And switching to another insurance company won’t do you much good.

How Insurance Protects You

You should also look at what an insurance policy will cover. More comprehensive plans will protect you from theft, storm damage and accidents.

Sure, you can save money by choosing a plan that only covers you if you cause an accident. However, you won’t get money to protect the camper if someone steals it.

And if someone breaks in and steals something valuable, you also won’t get that item back.

While more comprehensive plans cost more, they’re more valuable in the long run. You may not want to think about someone stealing or getting into your motorhome.

But you can’t always avoid that. You also can’t avoid storms and potential storm damage. So make sure you weigh the advantages of a more affordable plan versus one with more protection.

How Much Is Camper Insurance?

When asking yourself ‘How much is camper insurance?’, you have to think about many factors. No two campers are the same, so no two policies are identical.

Everything from the camper size to the age to added features can affect the insurance cost. But so can driver history and plan cover.

Are you ready to get some camper insurance? Get a quote today.

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