Caravan safety: 5 steps to protect your caravan from theft

Written by Stuart Craig on 3rd September 2020

With the main holiday season drawing to a close once again, many of us will be leaving our caravans in parks or closing them up ready for the winter.

Unfortunately, this is usually the time that most caravans get damaged or stolen, as they are not in constant use, and ‘out of sight, out of mind’. That’s why we have put together this quick guide on the best steps you can take to protect your caravan this year. Many insurers also offer discounts to people who have taken significant steps to make sure their caravan is protected, so it’s worth checking with you caravan insurance provider if this is part of their policy.

Locking your windows and doors

This may seem evident, but it’s very easy to forget to properly secure the windows and doors of your caravan, whether that’s because you expected to come back the last time you visited but never did, or simply popped to the shops and didn’t think it necessary. These are the first and weakest points of entry in any caravan or motorhome, so it’s important you make sure they are secure.

It’s also important to make sure that all the locks are maintained and in working order. You can install additional over-locks which will add an extra level of security to your caravan’s doors and windows.

If your locks are broken or don’t work properly, it could invalidate any claim you make.

Locking your wheels

You can get specialist wheel locks to ensure that it’s impossible to move your caravan without your say-so. Wheel locks tend to be a requirement of most insurers, as they are a very efficient way to protect your caravan from theft.

It’s worth shopping around to get a wheel lock that is specific to caravans, as these will fit better and remove the risk of a thief being able to remove the lock themselves.

Getting a hitch lock

One of the most popular forms of caravan security, the hitch lock covers and locks your caravan’s hitch to prevent the caravan being towed away by someone other than yourself.

These are another essential piece of kit, and most insurers require you to have one as part of your policy.

Getting a caravan alarm

A very self-explanatory and obvious step, but there are few things that will be more deterring to a thief than the loud noise of an alarm going off if they try to break into your caravan.

There are a variety of caravan alarms available on the market, it’s just a case of what type you want. It’s also a good idea to make it obvious that you have a caravan alarm, by putting stickers on your windows, as this can act as an extra deterrent.

Top tip: Even if you don’t have an alarm, there is nothing to stop you from putting some stickers up! Just the idea that a loud noise might alert neighbours to a break-in can be enough to put some thieves off.

Installing a tracking device

The most advanced level of security in our list, a tracking device is not strictly a preventative measure. However, the majority of caravans with tracking devices are recovered and returned to their rightful owners if they have been stolen.

Most trackers connect to a phone app or traceable via the internet, which means that if your caravan is stolen, you can instantly find out and inform the police of its whereabouts.

Because trackers are so effective at finding stolen caravans, many insurance policies give out a substantial discount to owners who have fitted one in their caravan. Check with yours to find out if they offer this.


It’s always important to protect the things you care about, and having good insurance cover on your caravan can save you a lot of money and upset in the long run. Check out Shield Total Insurance cover options for touring caravans, static caravans, campervans and   motorhomes.


And be sure to check out more articles on our blog to get the most out of your caravan.


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