Buyer’s Guides

Guide to buying a used motorhome

Looking to buy a previously owned motorhome? Why not start with a list? Once you’ve determined your budget and preferred layout, just list the features and fittings you want in your ideal motorhome – then…

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Guide to buying a new motorhome

Given the choice available, it helps if you know the make you want.Thinking of taking the plunge and buying a brand new motorhome? Read on, because the following might not only save you thousands of…

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Guide to buying a caravan generator

Taking the first few steps on the path to becoming a caravanning genius can be a challenging experience.  Nothing can seem more baffling to the newcomer than choosing a caravan generator. All this talk of watts,…

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Latest on the blog

Yearning For An Awning

In the first instalment of our guest blog series, Clueless in a Caravan talks about why they love their awning and feel that it is an essential piece of kit for their family caravanning trips.

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Livin’ it up at the Hotel California

Whether it’s art, fashion, classic cars, vacuum cleaners or even fizzy drinks, genuine articles carry considerable kudos. So too in campervans it seems.

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