Static Caravan Insurance: Make sure you have the right cover

Written by Stuart Craig on 10th August 2020

Would you like to insure your static caravan, but you don’t know about the insurance offered? If so, we are here to tell you why you should insure your static caravan to save you stress from all possible hazards.

Static Caravan Insurance: What Is It?

If you have a permanently-sited caravan you will want to look into static caravan insurance. Your caravan is considered permanently installed if it has an electrical connection and plumbing.

If you have a permanent caravan, you should insure this in the same way as you would insure any other residence where you live. By insuring your caravan, you can protect it against storms that can cause damage and even compensate you for damaged or stolen goods.

What Should I Look for in Static Caravan Insurance?

static caravan

When seeking out the best static caravan insurance you will want something affordable and effective. You may reckon the cheapest static caravan insurance that fully covers you will suffice, but you need to think again.

If you get a low quote, you shouldn’t jump on the offer without researching what’s included in the insurance cover. It is a good rule of thumb that if something sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

When looking for static caravan insurance, you should pay attention to the following points that are included in your insurance policy:

  • What does the policy cover and is it applicable to your caravan?
  • Consider the history of your static caravan. If the area is prone to flooding, then you want flooding to be included in your plan. If the place experiences many storms, you will need storm damage cover and so on.
  • Are the re-siting and debris removal costs included? It is better to be prepared for the worst than to be unprepared.
  • Does your policy include extras like personal accident cover?

What Cover Should I Select?

static caravan cover

Static caravan insurance should provide you with high-quality insurance cover and give you the assurance that your caravan is protected in any case. In static caravan insurance there are two different options, they are market value and new for old.

Market Value

Market value insurance is also known as indemnity. This insurance option will cover the cost of a caravan equal to the one you plan to cover. Note this option evaluates the current age and condition of your caravan, which means it may be worth less than what you paid for it.

This option is great for those who have older caravans. This is because used values seem to hold up well.

New for Old

The new for old policy is also known as reinstatement. This will cover your caravan and give you the option for a like-for-like replacement if something were to happen to your current holiday home.

In the event of a total loss, you will get a replacement of the same model or one like it. Keep in mind your replacement will only be up to the value of insurance you have bought.

This insurance option best fits newer caravans. You will need to keep the replacement value up to date to make this plan efficient.

What Does This Insurance Cover?

Above we stated what static caravan insurance will cover. These are general circumstances, so we have defined a few matters that are covered in the best static caravan insurance policy below.

Impact by Vehicles

If your caravan sits near an access road then having insurance is the smart thing to do. You don’t want a reckless driver to run into your static caravan and destroy it beyond repair without being insured.

When your static caravan experiences any damage caused by a motor vehicle, your insurance will cover it. Any repairs that need to be done to get your caravan back to its original condition will cost you nothing except the excess.

Theft and Vandalism

If you have valuable items in your caravan like a television, nice appliances, or even expensive electronics like a laptop you should be covered.

If your caravan experiences a break-in and items are taken, your insurance will help you cover the cost to replace these valuable items. Even if someone breaks into your caravan and vandalises your items beyond repair, you’ll be covered.

Re-siting Costs

If your static caravan is damaged beyond repair, or the damage is more than the caravan’s worth, your insurance will cover any re-siting costs.

Keep in mind the damage caused must be by something your insurance already covers, like fire, storm damage or vehicle damage. Your insurance will cover any debris removal, any fees charged by the site in which it sits permanently, and cover any costs of re-installing utilities for a new caravan.

Storm Damages

When a storm happens, it can cause damage in a flash. When this happens you’ll be glad that you bought static caravan insurance.

Your insurance will cover any damage caused by a big storm. This insurance will cover any damages or losses caused by trees, flooding, storms, and fires. This means if you lose anything or experience damage by one of these natural elements you’ll be covered.

Now You Know About Static Caravan Insurance

You now have a clear idea of what static caravan insurance you should get for your holiday home.

From learning about the two types of cover that are offered to knowing what’s covered in most plans you should now feel confident in getting the best insurance for your caravan. For more insurance tips and information be sure to check out the rest of our website.

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