6 Reasons Why You Need Insurance For Camping

Written by Stuart Craig on 1st October 2020

Few things in life are more refreshing than experiencing forests, mountains and fresh air. Camping is a popular way for many to appreciate nature. After an exciting day of hiking, biking, boating or other adventures, what could be better than sitting by the campfire?

However, there is one tiny detail many campers overlook when planning their trips, namely the insurance for camping. Even if your equipment is in excellent condition, the weather is perfect, or you take precautions to stay safe, the situation can always take a turn for the worse. The camping equipment, whether it’s a tent, camp bed or outdoor furniture, is not cheap.

Investing in camping insurance protects you and your wallet from the most unexpected mishaps. If these accidents happen, and they do, they can cost you hundreds to thousands of pounds to repair and replace your equipment. That’s a hefty fee for what was expected to be a relaxing getaway.

Do you enjoy camping? Here are 6 immense reasons why you need insurance for camping for whenever you go!

1. Liability Cover

If you are camping with a group of friends or family, you are responsible for these people and their belongings. Liability relates to this responsibility and the safety of the people you are camping with. Camping has its uncertainties, which make liability cover one of the most important forms of insurance for camping.

There are many types of insurance for different situations that are covered by the liability protection. Campers who also own a car, for example, have insurance cover if they accidentally collide with another driver on the road. The liability part of your car insurance policy covers this type of accident.

The most common accidental glitch that campers experience is improper extinguishing of the campfire. Something as small as a single, glowing ember can rekindle a larger fire. Should that ember escape the fire pit, it can lead to a fire and significant damage to the campground and land around your campsite.

You need to be aware that all insurance policies are different. Before you plan your next big camping trip, you should talk to your insurance agent to find out exactly what your insurance covers.

Liability insurance should be at the top of your camp or trip packing list. This offers much higher limits, protecting you from almost any mishap that might come your way.

If you haven’t done so yet, it’s time to check your camping insurance. This can save you a lot of money if something unexpected happens.

2. Tent & Personal Property Coverage

insurance for camping

Have you recently bought a new tent for your next camping adventure? Tents are a wonderful way to get out. You can simply explore the countryside and enjoy nature without having to leave the basic comfort of the house.

Although tents are a relatively inexpensive purchase, as with any important item, you will need insurance to protect you, your tent and your camping equipment.

The other aspect to consider when using a tent are the people and belongings you have in it. In the case of a car, the most important thing to worry about is being damaged or stolen when it comes to your mobile phone, wallet or other small item. With a tent, you may have larger, more expensive items like televisions, appliances, kayaks and outdoor recreational gear that you want to protect from theft and damage.

Camping insurance protects your kit from damage, loss or theft. Check for camping insurance policies that include cover kit you may have, like awnings, bedding, poles, pegs, cooking equipment and more.

Fortunately, there are specific guidelines for protecting your tent, equipment and its contents. With camping insurance, you can receive the amount of insurance tailored to your needs and belongings. The last thing a camper wants is to have to spend significantly more money on property damage or stolen goods.

3. Cover for Emergency Expenses

Whether you’re hiking and biking mountain trails or relaxing near the campfire, an emergency can occur when you least expect it. If someone gets injured or sick while camping, it can be an expensive and time-consuming affair.

Personal accident insurance is a way to protect and keep adventurous campers safe. No, it cannot prevent an accident, but it can help with the cost of treatment for unforeseen camping accidents or illnesses. Many campsites will have some sort of accident insurance to protect their campers.

What happens if you get into a car accident? With a car, your car insurance can help you with the cost of renting a car while getting your repairs. But what do you do if the tent needs repairing and you cannot live in it?

‘Loss of use’ cover for tent owners can help towards the cost of overnight stays. You may have to rent another tent overnight while you wait for your tent to be repaired. Be sure to check what your plan includes before setting off on your next camping adventure.

4. Weather Damage Coverage

weather damage cover

When the weather is balmy, camping can be a fun and carefree experience. Unfortunately, the weather can be capricious and can surprise you with rain, wind or severe storms. If that happens while camping, you want to be prepared for it.

Common severe and unexpected weather campers and travellers experience include:

  • Severe thunderstorms
  • Hail and sleet
  • High winds
  • Flash floods
  • Heavy snowfall and blizzards
  • Tornadoes

Unforeseen rain or storms can damage your tent, camping equipment and equipment, especially if you are not preparing for unforeseen events. Without insurance, you will probably have to pay for the replacement or repair of your damaged camping and sports equipment.

With homeowners, travel or camping insurance, you and your camping equipment have the protection they need for any weather-related event.

5. Cancelled Trips & Travel Insurance for Camping

Illness, injuries, natural disasters and work are some of the most common reasons people feel compelled to cancel a trip. In many cases, you will not receive a refund for a cancelled trip. Unfortunately, this means you will lose the money you have already paid for your trip, your campsite and everything else.

This, however, doesn’t need to be the case. Travel insurance can protect you and your bank account from unexpected cancellations, for whatever reason. Most travel insurance policies also cover some costs associated with leaving a camping trip early and travel expenses.

Other items that travel insurance may cover include:

  • Emergency helpline access
  • Discounts for couples and families
  • Reparation coverage for accidents, medical emergencies, and illness
  • Personal property damage
  • Stolen property and equipment
  • Delayed arrival of belongings
  • Travel documents protection

Various plans are available, including options in the UK, US and worldwide. You can appreciate your camping trip because you know that you have reliable travel insurance that protects you no matter where you go.

6. Equipment Protection

Equipment Protection

Are you an adventurer who enjoys nature to the fullest? The equipment you may need to own can be expensive. Items like:

What would you do if something broke down on your trip? Or a thief steals most of your gear? Or you lost a piece of equipment in a storm or while you were using it?

Without insurance, you will have to pay out of your own pocket to replace or repair these items. The cost of replacing your equipment can run into thousands!

The good news is you can also get camping insurance to protect these items. There are several ways to protect your valuable equipment while you are away.

Many forms of homeowner insurance cover your equipment, even if it is outside of your property. The limits, however, may lower due to the equipment being off-property. If your belongings are usually in your tent, you can claim them in the section on your camping insurance plan.

In some cases, homeowners and car policies will work together to cover various items. However, this may require you to make two claims.

Since you claim items in each policy, you must be accountable for each item. Accounting for each item will ensure they receive full protection.

Add Insurance for Camping Before Your Next Camping Adventure!

Are you planning an exciting or relaxing camping trip soon? Keep you, your family, and your gear protected with dedicated insurance for camping.

If you haven’t already, give us a call, and we’ll help you with all your camping insurance questions and needs!

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