A Beginner’s guide to campervan insurance: Everything to know

Written by Stuart Craig on 20th July 2020

Let’s talk about why you need campervan insurance. One of the first things most people consider after buying a campervan is purchasing insurance. Campervan insurance will help you get the most out of your campervan and protect you in case of accidents.

We know campervan insurance can be confusing and overwhelming. You don’t want to end up with inadequate coverage or the wrong type of insurance. This is a recipe for disaster.

If you feel overwhelmed by your options, you are not alone. This helpful guide for beginners will tell you everything you need to know about campervan insurance.

What is Campervan Insurance?

Let’s start at the beginning and talk about what campervan insurance is. Getting insurance for your campervan is a lot like getting motor or home insurance in many ways.

Campervan insurance protects you and your van when something goes wrong. This coverage applies to both trips with campervans and when your campervan is in storage.

There are some key differences between campervan insurance, motor insurance, and home insurance that you should consider. The differences lie mostly in the items and events that are covered.

Campervan insurance varies greatly depending on the type of campervan you have, the classification of the van, how often you use it, if you live in it, and many other factors.

campervan insurance - coastal road

Is Campervan Insurance Required? 

Campervan insurance is as necessary to have as it is on a car or other vehicle you use on the road. And the last thing you want to think about on holiday is an accident, damage, loss or theft.

Even the most cautious owner will suffer unexpected accidents through no fault of their own. This can leave you exposed to expensive repairs and spare parts, as well as additional stress.

Hardy campers brave the fast-changing British weather as they tour the countryside, but floods, strong winds, severe storms and snowfall can do significant damage to your campervan.

Campervans are also susceptible to theft. Also, if your vehicle has expensive equipment and electronics on board, you should take out insurance.

Campervan accidents happen. Most claims from campervan insurance are made in the event of accidents damage. Don’t get stuck with high bills because you don’t have adequate campervan insurance.

If you have a loan out on your campervan, most banks will insist you have insurance to cover any damages. Even if you don’t have a loan on your campervan, you still need an insurance policy.

Depending on which policy you choose, your insurance company can protect you in case a person from your campervan is injured. It also protects your investment should something happen to your campervan.

If you own a self-built campervan, it may be difficult to find an insurance company to write you a policy. Self-built campervan insurance policies help protect your DIY project and your fully-customised completed campervan.

It is also important to note some campsites and storage compounds require insurance for your camper. If this is the case, they will demand proof of your insurance before you can stay.

campervan on campsite

What Should I Look for in a Policy?

Think of everything that could go wrong with using your campervan or when it is in storage. Then consider what you would do in response. Would you have the money to pay for damages?

It may be helpful to think about some of these scenarios.

Accidents in Europe: becoming a party in an accident in Europe is different from being a party to an accident in the UK.

Glass Replacement: one of the most common types of insurance claims filed for campervans is glass replacement for the windscreen or windows. If you commonly drive on roads with HGVs or down unmade roads you are at high risk for cracks and chips to your windshield.

Crash or Accident: from minor damage like backing up into a tree to a major accident, campervan insurance will have you covered.

Vandalism: you hope it will never happen to you but consider coverage to protect against vandalism. Smashed windows and van fires can be costly to cover on your own.

Theft: many campervans have expensive electronics and other home items inside of them. This makes them a target to thieves. Would you be able to cover stolen items on your own?

Legal fees: if you ever find yourself in a legal dispute, campervan insurance can help you pay the expensive legal fees related to any disputes surrounding your campervan.

After you consider all the things that can happen to you, choose an insurance policy that will cover your needs.

Also, if you will have more than one person driving, they will need to be included in your insurance policy.

campervan on mountain road

What Does Campervan Insurance Cover? 

There are many options for insurance. Your insurance company should be able to tailor a policy to suit your individual needs and provide excellent coverage. They often cover self-built campervans too.

Look for an experienced insurance firm with a dedicated, UK team to provide you with the best customer service. You should expect clear and friendly advice to help you get the best coverage for your campervan.

Coverage Benefits

Here are just a few aspects that can be included in your campervan insurance policy. Your insurance company may offer replacement cover for up to 12 months. If something causes you to experience a total loss – say it is stolen – your replacement coverage has your back.

This can ease the financial burden you may experience from a loss of your campervan.

We know campervan owners often explore off the beaten track, so we include unlimited windshield replacement in our coverage. Never worry about a chip or crack again.

You can get up to £1,500 in awning and key coverage.

Plus, you may have options that can cover up to £1000,000 of legal expenses should you find yourself in legal trouble involving your campervan.

Your insurance company may also provide peace of mind with a 24-hour claims helpline. That means you can file a claim anytime, day or night. You can often opt for UK and European breakdown coverage to help you get back on the road and enjoy your holiday quickly.

If you are touring Europe in your campervan we offer 180-day coverage to use in Europe. Think about how much of Europe you can see in 180 days!

We can also cover up to four drivers over the age of 25 on your policy. This is optimal if you take turns driving or go touring with friends.

If you own a classic campervan we can provide coverage on an agreed value basis. We know sometimes classic campervans get the short end of the stick in coverage options. That’s why we are here for you to help you get the appropriate coverage for your campervan.

Shield Total Insurance is also proud to cover Northern Ireland residents too.

How Much Does Campervan Insurance Cost?

The cost of insurance is much more affordable than the cost of paying for damages out of your pocket.

Your campervan insurance premium may be reduced if tracking, parking sensors, or additional security devices are fitted to your campervan. They are also discounted for safe storage and low annual mileage and for going more than four years without filing a claim.

Take a look at your campervan insurance budget and choose between different coverage options to make sure you are covered on your next trip. Your insurance company may offer many additional add-ons to help you recover losses that may not be included in your policy.

Breakdown coverage can be added for as little as £41 per year. You can also purchase watertight coverage for when you travel to Europe for as little as £82 per year.

If you are involved in an accident with your campervan you may be sued. Ask how much legal expense coverage would add to your policy. It is likely to be inexpensive addition to cover yourself for legal expenses. This coverage will help you recover your losses for a legal battle.

Protect your keys to your campervan with our key coverage option. For £12 a year you can rest assured knowing that your keys are insured against theft, loss, or if they are broken in the UK and Europe.

Campervan Insurance Will Keep You Protected

No, it isn’t a legal obligation for you to hold a campervan insurance policy. However, there are so many benefits to campervan insurance that will put you at ease.

With campervan insurance, you’ll never have to worry about covering damage, theft, or loss out of your pocket. You can sit back and enjoy your holiday knowing that your insurance policy has your back in case anything goes wrong.

Get a quote today on coverage for your campervan and understand why thousands of Brits have given us a Feefo Platinum rating for our customer service.

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