Experts reveal their essential gadgets for camping and caravanning holidays

Written by Stuart Craig on 25th November 2019

We’ve enlisted the help of some of our industry friends to reveal the camping and caravanning tools they just can’t do without. From renowned bloggers to YouTubers and even “Mr Caravan” himself, take a look at the must-have gadgets for your future holidays.

The Caravan Nut / @caravantrails

What? Cadac Carri Chef 2

How does it work? Often seen as the ultimate in short-on-space barbecuing, the Carri Chef 2 from grill kings Cadac is perfect for when you want to cook up a storm on site. This barbecue is remarkably easy to set up and comes with a variety of interchangeable surfaces to enable both versatile and varied cooking.

RRP: £225

Where can I buy it?

What he said: This is our favourite caravanning accessory that we would never be without. It is great for grilling, frying and can even cook a roast. It’s easy to store and assemble. There is a good range of interchangeable cooking surfaces that extend the cooking options. Whether it’s chicken, sausages or pancakes, it will help feed everyone.

For The Love Of Caravans / @LoveOfCaravans

What? Silicone Egg Rings

How does it work? Made from flexible non-stick silicone, these bright red egg rings are great for keeping the egg all together instead of a runny mess when cooking on the Cadac!

RRP: £3 (pair)

Where can I buy it?

What they said: Perfect for an egg-cellent breakfast. See what I did there?

John Rawlings / @johnrawlings

What? AL-KO Leg Winder

RRP: £10

Where can I buy it?

What he said: In terms of a gadget I can’t do without, I’d have to say a decent leg winder. I have found that some of the simpler models that come as standard are a bit uncomfortable to use. I have an AL-KO one which I’ve had for many years, which has a ‘handle’ on the end which makes it more comfortable to use. I’ve carried it with me for many thousands of miles across Europe over the years, and used it on lots of different caravans.

Caravanning Life / @CaravanningLife

What? Powrtouch Evolution Auto Caravan Mover

How does it work? Coming complete with a five-year guarantee, the Powrtouch Evolution for single axle caravans fits all standard Alko & BPW chassis with or without shock absorbers, including smaller caravans & trailer tents. Providing unbelievable grip and durability, the automatic engagement can engage both sides of the caravan using a remote control. Some of the best features include the DMC technology which allows ultimate precision manoeuvring in tight spaces and 20 Point lightweight aluminium rollers for optimum grip.

RRP: £1,130

Where can I buy it?

What he said: The one accessory I couldn’t live without is the Powrtouch mover. I’ve used chassis mounted motor movers since 2004, and before that the motorised jockey wheel type. Without this motor mover I couldn’t keep my caravan at home as it is virtually impossible to reverse the caravan to where it is kept. The mover also allows inch perfect pitching, aids with hitching up and makes fitting the Al-Ko Secure Lock a doodle. Without the mover I would probably have a much smaller and lighter caravan that could be manhandled, so with the mover I’ve been able to enjoy more space and luxury with my Coachman VIP.

Tin Box Traveller / @TinBoxTraveller

What? Campingaz Party Grill 600

How does it work? As an alternative to the Cadac, check out this highly versatile device that can be used as a grill, hotplate, hob, BBQ, and oven.

RRP: £142 (roughly)

Where can I buy it?

What she said: The one thing we always pack whether we are away for a weekend or a longer holiday is a barbecue. We’ve had loads over the years but the one we rate the most, and have been using on trips for the past year, is our Campingaz Party Grill 600. It’s so versatile and portable. We use it for cooking breakfast, barbecue dinners and even pizza.

lost weekends caravan / @Lostweekendsuk

What? Isabella Dish Rack

How does it work? Based on the “think flat” concept, this Isabella camping accessory may be small in terms of space but it’s certainly big on innovation and practicality. You can simply fold it down to make it completely flat and thanks to the fixed base, water will not run out whilst the dishes are drying. It’s also super easy to move around by the handles even when full of dishes!

RRP: £17

Where can I buy it?

What they said: One of the best gadgets we would be lost without is the fold flat Isabella Dish Rack. We find it easy to use and it folds flat and is easy to store in the caravan where space can be a premium.

Here We Tow / @here_we_tow

What? Gtech Multi MK2 Handheld Vacuum

RRP: £149.99

Where can I buy it?

What they said: When we are away touring there are a few accessories we always have with us. These include our GTech handheld vacuum to clean up after our dog, Fudge.

That Caravan Family / @caravanfamilyuk

What? Milenco Door Frame Lock

RRP: £39.99

Where can I buy it?

What they said: I became slightly concerned about how I could secure our caravan and its belongings whilst left unattended; however it didn’t take long to find a worthy solution – this caravan door frame lock from Milenco. Secured into the door frame with two screws, the bolt section simply slides over the door so it cannot open and it is opened with a key, pretty simple and very effective.

Caravan Chit Chat / @caravanchitchat

What? Kampa Cascade Stainless Steel Kettle

How does it work? This low wattage electric kettle from accessory kings Kampa is ideal for the perfect brew on site.

RRP: £17.99

Where can I buy it?

What they said: Our number one accessory is the kettle! I wouldn’t be able to function without my morning coffee, and Vicky’s holidays wouldn’t be the same without her pot of tea in the afternoon after being out all day.

Jellybeans and Guy Ropes / @jbeansandgropes

What? VonShef Teppanyaki Grill

How does it work? This 2000W grill allows you to create a professional (and fun) fine dining BBQ experiencein the comfort of your favourite campsite. Also comes with 8 free wooden spatulas!

RRP: £24.99

Where can I buy it?

What they said: Perfect for camping as it is able to cook pretty much everything you could ask for. Easy to use and clean and very quick to get hot!

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