7 Tips on Getting the Cheapest Campervan Insurance

Written by Stuart Craig on 16th December 2020

There are over 225,000 motorhomes in the UK. New owners may wonder if they need campervan insurance cover to protect their new vehicle. The answer is a definitive yes.

Campervan insurance is necessary to protect against damage or theft. Banks, storage facilities, and campsites often require it. Self-build vehicles still need it for the protection it provides.

Owners on a budget may also wonder how to get the cheapest campervan insurance rates. This depends on a variety of factors because there is no flat rate for this type of insurance.

The size, value, features, and model of your camper affect your rates. The number of drivers and their records also has an impact, as does the storage method and policy type you choose.

Considering these factors allows you to get the best level of cover for the most affordable price. Read on for 7 ways to get low campervan insurance rates.

1. Reduce the Engine Size

campervan insurance

Not every campervan policy has the same rates because vehicles and drivers differ in so many ways. That’s why you need to consider several factors that affect campervan insurance costs.

One of the major factors that can drive up your rates is engine size. The larger the campervan engine, the larger the burden will be on the insurance company – a bit like a private car..

Every motor caravan in the UK must be registered before you can take it out on the road. It can’t be any larger than 12 meters long and 2.55 meters wide. Considering size keeps you legal.

The smaller your campervan is, the smaller engine it is likely to have, the less it will cost to insure. You’ll have less storage space but benefit from lower campervan cover rates.

Before buying a campervan or a VW campervan and an insurance policy to cover it, consider how much space you need. Going with a smaller model will save you money, it’s important to get the right cover.

2. Increase Value

No two campervans will have exactly the same value. Their overall worth is affected by factors such as make, model, age, and add-ons.

As a rule of thumb, larger, more complex campervans are more expensive to insure. This is due to the fact that they are more difficult to repair and/or replace if anything goes wrong.

High value isn’t something that campervan owners should avoid to save on insurance rates. There are ways to increase the value of your vehicle that will give you a high return on investment.

Additional features are one of the best ways to increase value and get cheap campervan insurance. There are several types, but anything that increases security is the best way to protect your risk and reduce your rates.

Additions like wheel clamps and alarms can save you an average of £7 every year. Campervan insurance providers take this as a sign that your vehicle is safer and less likey to be stolen.

The overall value of your vehicle will determine how much you’ll pay for campervan insurance. This depends on several factors including its model, age, and features. Consider these before choosing a policy and increase value with useful security tools.

3. Choose the Right Policy

campervan insurance

Not all campervan insurance policies cover the same types of damage or theft. There are several types to choose from, and they all offer different coverage and vary widely in price.

Choosing a simple liability plan such as Third Party, Fire & Theft provides little protection to your asset in the event of an accident. Their cheaper rates will save you money in the short-term but may not be valuable in the long-run if you need more protection.

The plan you need depends on your budget, the damage you may face, your driving history, and more. Specific types of coverage you may want on your policy include:

  • Natural disasters
  • Fire
  • Animal accidents
  • Glass replacement
  • Vandalism
  • Theft
  • Breakdown cover
  • Key replacement
  • Living expenses
  • Personal items
  • European travel

A comprehensive policy covers these events and more. The rates may be higher, but you’ll save money later if you ever need to make a claim.

The best way to avoid paying too much or getting ineffective campervan insurance is to carefully examine your policy before signing off on it. Ensure it has all the coverage you need at a fair rate.

4. Consider the Make and Model

campervan insurance

Campervans come in a wide range of shapes and sizes, and choosing one is a matter of personal preference. The type you choose does have a major impact on your insurance rates.

An older campervan will usually cost less to insure as its value will be less. The newer the model, the more you’ll pay.

When you look at how the make and model of your campervan affect your insurance rates, consider how easy they are to find. The parts to replace them may be expensive or unavailable, and this leads to increased rates. You may end up paying more if they’re no longer in production or hard to find for any other reason.

It’s also possible to make your own campervan, but they are some of the most difficult to insure. Consider getting a self-build campervan insurance policy to protect your project and keep having a safe, pleasant holiday.

No matter what type of vehicle you drive, be sure to get a campervan insurance policy that matches it. The rates should reflect the size, model, and value of your vehicle while providing all the protection it requires.

5. Reduce the Number of Drivers

campervan insurance

Campervan trips tend to be family affairs, and you may need more than one driver to complete them. Before adding everyone in your family to your policy, carefully consider whether it’s worth it and how many drivers you actually need. The number of campervan drivers you register has a major effect on your rates.

The fewer drivers you have, the cheaper your caravan insurance will be. Adding a single driver can drive up your rates by £23. A third and fourth driver will lead to an increase of £40-£44.

The rates can increase even more based on the additional drivers’ records. An additional driver with a poor record or previous accidents could cost you even more.

Take care when adding someone to your policy and ask yourself if this step is necessary. Consider only having a single driver for the lowest possible rates.

6. Consider Driving History

campervan insurance

All car insurance, campervan and motorhome insurers look at driver history before insuring a vehicle to determine the level of risk they present and how much to charge them. This applies to campervan insurance companies as well.

Your premiums will increase with every accident or instance of dangerous driving. Being safe and having a spotless record will allow you to enjoy the lowest possible rates.

The driving history factor is another reason why adding more drivers to your policy increases rates. If their history isn’t as spotless as yours, your rates will increase and affect your no claims bonus.

Removing the record of the past is not the way to avoid spending more due to a blemished record. The right way is to shop around for the most affordable company and continue to drive safely once you receive a policy.

Consider your own history and that of any additional drivers you may add to your policy before signing off on it. Find a company that gives you the most affordable rate based on this record.

7. Choose the Right Storage Method

A campervan isn’t usable every day of the year, especially during unfavorable weather conditions like winter snow. Where you store it during these times affects your rates.

There are several storage options to choose from that differ in security and effectiveness. This is why they all affect your campervan insurance rates in different ways.

The most economical storage option is a locked garage at your home. The more expensive options are a driveway or street.

If you use a locked garage or other effective safe storage methods, you can enjoy savings on your policy. The company will see you’re serious about keeping your vehicle safe even when you’re not using it.

Where Can I Get Campervan Insurance?

Knowing how to get low campervan insurance rates lets you protect your vehicle without sacrificing quality or coverage or any legal requirements. There are several factors to consider to ensure this happens for policyholders.

Add security features to increase value while saving money on your policy and giving you peace of mind.

Planning your trips on the open road in advance can also decrease your rates. Fewer drivers, spotless records, and shorter trips mean lower rates. Consider where you’ll store the campervan during downtime for additional savings.

Examine the policy before signing off on it. Less coverage means short-term savings but can cost you later if you need to make a claim.

Get your campervan insurance quote from the right company. They’ll charge you fair rates while including everything you need or want in your campervan insurance policy.

We offer affordable, effective insurance for campers, campervans and motorhome insurance. Check out our campervan insurance today.

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