How Much Does Campervan Insurance Cost?

Written by Stuart Craig on 21st December 2020

Campervan Insurance is easier to get than ever before. From comprehensive coverage to fire and theft, the right insurance provider makes all of the difference in a time of emergency.

Shopping for a campervan, or shopping for a new insurance policy for the campervan that you already have? Gather all of the facts about insurance before making your move.

Campervan Insurance

campervan insurance

Insurance is an essential purchase, but it can also be a pleasure. Companies that care about you and your campervan really make a difference over those that just want your money.

An insurance company that knows all about campervans, motorhomes, and caravan insurance will be more beneficial in knowing what policyholders need, and how to help guide you through the process.

Insuring a campervan should be easy and give you the confidence to go anywhere. A flexible policy is great because not everyone wants or needs the same level of cover as all other campervan owners. Get something that is tailored to you!

Without Insurance

What happens when you do not have a Campervan Insurance policy? In the the UK, it is a legal requirement that you must have Campervan Insurance. Those that try to test that law could suffer greatly.

Don’t get caught driving without insurance or you may experience fines, up to 6 points on your licence, loss of license, or worse, get your vehicle taken away.

The Cost

campervan insurance

How much is insurance for a campervan? The answer may surprise you. Did you know that you can get a campervan cover from as little as just 70p a day? With great add-ons starting at £16 a year!

For those on a budget looking to save, these are some of the best prices around. Not everything is about price though, service is important, so look out for providers that are highly rated by Feefo..

Cost Variables

Though Campervan Insurance prices may seem straightforward, there could be a few things that might affect the cost.

  • Age and value of your camper
  • Engine size
  • Where you live
  • Your driving record
  • Your age
  • Market value of campervan contents
  • Length of time with an insurance provider
  • Making monthly payments instead of paying one year in advance
  • Campervan security

Safe drivers with clean driving records are saving up to 50% due to their no claims bonus.

Fully Comprehensive

campervan insurance

What type of insurance should you purchase for your campervan, VW campervan or motorhome?

Comprehensive coverage protects you and your home on wheels from claims made by others. Whereas third party fire and theft insurance protects your type of vehicle if you have an accident, or if your campervan catches fire, or is stolen.

Keep track of your personal possessions with a worksheet like this one. For peace of mind. Knowing what you have, and how much it is worth will come in handy should you ever need to be compensated for it being damaged or stolen.


Growing in popularity are full-sized motorhomes and self-build motorhomes. With room enough for the whole gang and their gear, you can literally go anywhere, at any time. If you have reliable insurance cover, that is.

Whether you use your motorhome 365 days per year, or just three days a year, it is the law that you must have adequate insurance cover on it.

Motorhomes up to 25 years old can take advantage of breakdown cover should you need it. Plus, your cover can include damaged windscreens and windows, and even contributions towards accommodation while your motorhome is being serviced!

Add on additional cover such as legal expenses cover, and key protection in case you ever lose your keys.

Breakdown Cover

Breakdowns never happen at convenient times. What is convenient, though, is having breakdown cover added to your policy starting at £47.50

Focus on enjoying the ride, instead of worrying about the little things. Get a tow, or handy assistance when you’re in need. Never be stranded on the side of the road in the UK or a European destination.

Bundle of Joy

campervan insurance

When you find a company that you enjoy dealing with, why wouldn’t you want to deal with them even more often? Plus, doing all of your insurance needs in one place is just more convenient anyway. Pay one company instead of several.

Pet, home, and motorcycle insurance coverage can be obtained too from many providers.

Expanding Your Campsite

Campervans can only sleep so many people. Yet, there are plenty of times when we want to bring more guests than our van can sleep. How do we remedy that?

There is room for everyone with a Camping Insurance alongside your existing campervan policy. Cover up to 4 tents from natural disasters such as storm or fire, and also guards you against theft and accidents!

Starting at £16 per year, it is a no brainer. Protect your investments like camping bedding, awnings, cooking equipment, generators, and even luggage with personal belongings.

Getting the Gear There

Do you need Trailer Insurance as well? Vans are amazing, but they can’t always hold all of our gear. Sometimes you just need extra space and an extra set of wheels.

Haul your trailer behind your campervan with premiums starting around £51 per year. It is definitely worth it when you don’t have to leave anything behind due to a lack of storage space.

Policy Excess

Deciding what your policy excess can be a balancing act of wanting to keep your premium at an affordable rate, or putting in place extra protection should a claim arise.

The two excess options are compulsory, or voluntary. Compulsory are excess rates that are determined by the insurer, whereas voluntary rates are determined by how much you want to contribute if there is a claim.

What Is Not Covered

Though having comprehensive cover may protect you for many reasons, there are a few instances where motorhome cover does not apply or is void. Should you be found guilty of any of these, you will be financially responsible for any claims made.

  • Any type of racing or circuit driving
  • Renting your vehicle out for money
  • Transporting customers around for money

Five Star Service

campervan insurance

How do you know which insurance cover to choose? Customer reviews and credentials are a good place to start when you are in the market for Campervan Insurance. Check out these helpful tips to consider when choosing an insurance provider.

Picking the wrong company can result in not having the right cover, not enough cover, and even leave you paying in the case of an accident or theft. Make sure your company has your back.

You want somebody that is flexible, reliable, and reputable. A company that is a member of organisations like the National Caravan Council (NCC) and the British Insurance Brokers Association (BIBA) gives you the confidence knowing they will take care of you should a problem arise.

On the Road Again

Adventure is calling, and the big open road is waiting. Our Campervan Insurance is just a click or a call away with Shield Total Insurance.

What are you waiting for? Get an insurance quote now!

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