The Best Dash Cams For 2018

Written by Stuart Craig on 19th March 2018

At Shield Total Insurance we’ve noticed that in the last few years, dash cams have grown rapidly in popularity.

In fact, sales of dashboard cameras in the year 2015 had soared by more than 900% and the market has been growing steadily since then. With these handy devices becoming even more clever, affordable and portable, motorhomers such as yourselves are turning to tech in order to keep record of any incidents.

So, which are the best dashboard cameras on the market today? We’ve picked our 5 favourites for you lucky campers …

Z-Edge Z3

As detailed in our 15 must-have accessories and gadgets for your camping holiday, the Z-Edge Z3 represents a great value for money option, pairing exceptional image quality with ease of use.

If you’re looking for a low-cost, low-hassle dashboard camera, this is the one for you.

RRP: From £79.99


Nextbase 612GW

Available from Halfords and endorsed by the AA, Nextbase’s cameras are very popular – and for good reason.

Although this particular product is seriously expensive and can hardly be considered as ‘budget’, in this case you do get what you pay for.

The 4K video capture is ridiculously sharp and this really does have the best plus point of all. In the event of any confusion surrounding a potential incident, the high quality footage will help resolve this – It’s that good!

Further features include a G-sensor for detecting incidents, built-in GPS and WiFi.

RRP: From £250


Aukey DR-01

Despite only offering Full HD video recording and being quite limited in comparison to the high end models, this little cam from Aukey is great for basic use.

As well as time-lapse recording, it also includes a G-sensor for detecting incidents and the ability to time and date-stamp any videos.

Perfect for those who want to feel safe on the road… on a budget!

RRP: From £39.99


Nextbase Duo

This clever device offers you both front and rear coverage in one unit, displaying both lots of imagery in one side-by-side recording.

Built-in GPS means that your unit’s exact route, speed and position will be recorded with added time and date-stamp functionality.

Plus, the loop recording automatically detects and saves any incidents!

RRP: From £199


Garmin Dash 45

This miniature offering from Garmin is jam-packed full of nifty features including built-in GPS for location data and speed recording, lane departure and forward collision warnings and speed camera alerts from their database.

A truly fantastic mid-range dash cam that due to its size, won’t distract when mounted on your windscreen!

RRP: From £109


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