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Travel insurance

Single trip travel

Designed to insure you against certain events when you take a single trip or holiday. Whatever your travel insurance needs we have a product to suit.

Cruise travel

Our cruise travel insurance is designed to provide peace of mind to the more mature holidaymaker who enjoys cruise travel, say a Mediterranean or Caribbean cruise.


Having difficulty finding travel insurance due to your age or pre-existing medical condition? We have the product just for you!  Choose from our Gold or Platinum cover options.

Annual multi-trip travel

This annual multi-trip travel insurance policy is a cost effective way for the frequent traveller to secure cheaper travel insurance for multiple trips taken during the policy year.

Caravan travel

Our bespoke annual multi-trip travel insurance policy aimed at the touring community, offers an affordable, stand-alone flexible travel policy for all your caravan holidays.

Travel excess protection

Protect yourself from the financial impact of having to pay a policy excess if you make a travel insurance claim. This policy operates alongside your travel insurance.

Adventure traveller

Planning an extended holiday, sabbatical or gap year? Our competitively priced policy is likely to appeal to those seeking "gap-year insurance".

Motorhome travel

Our annual multi-trip personal travel insurance cover is designed to cater for every motorhome holiday that you take during the policy year.

Backpacker travel

Suitable for those going on holidays or leisure trips with a maximum planned trip duration of up to a maximum of 545 days. For round trips starting and returning to the United Kingdom.