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Trailer tent insurance and folding camper insurance

We insure a range of trailer tents & folding campers
including Camp-Let, Conway, Dandy and Pennine

  • "New for Old" cover up to 10 years old
  • Up to 35% premium discount available
  • 5% discount for storing in a locked garage
  • European cover for up to 365 days available
  • Cover for family and friends

Great value cover from just £48

Looking for great value, cheap trailer tent insurance or folding camper insurance from only £48. Get a great deal online today.

In recent years, camper trailer tents and folding campers popularity has grown to be viewed as an affordable, alternative option for many reasons:

The materials used take many forms: fabric, flexible plastic or solid rigid side walls and/or roofs.

The list of trailer tent and folding camper manufacturers / importers include: Camplets (e.g. from distributor Camperlands Ltd), Comanche, Combi-Camp, Conway, Dandy, Eriba, Jamlet, Pennine Leisure, Raclet, Sunnflair / Sunn Camp and Trigano.

No matter what kind of folding camper or camper trailer tent you own, you can be assured that our folding camper insurance and trailer tent insurance will give you complete peace of mind. We insure a wide range of makes (British and Continental), with no folding camper or trailer tent age limit. With over 10 years experience in the caravan insurance industry you know you are dealing with a specialist.

You can adapt the trailer tent insurance or folding camper insurance to suit your individual caravanning and camping needs:

With a wide range of discounts available, the responsible owner could save up to 35% , which is why we believe our tailor made folding camper insurance and trailer tent insurance products are amongst the best currently available today.