Touring caravan insurance

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Which touring caravan insurance provider can I choose?

The decision as to where to buy your insurance is entirely yours.

So what can you do if you are under pressure to buy insurance from someone other than your preferred choice? Our suggestion is that you ask the insurers’ regulator, the Financial Conduct Authority (“FCA”), to help you.

How do you decide?

Your choice will depend on many factors including price, breadth of cover, service provided or strength of the insurer. Applying your priorities will determine who will come top of your list. However, all insurance companies have to supply sufficient information to allow you to make ‘an informed choice’ about their offering. This means at least a ‘Key Facts Summary’ alongside a personalised written quote.

Even after you take the plunge, you are entitled to a 14 day ‘Cooling Off Period’ when you can change your mind. The ‘Cooling Off Period’ starts when you receive your documents or when the insurance starts, whichever is later. The Insurance Industry is heavily regulated and the FCA takes a dim view of anyone who fails to comply.

At Shield, we know we have to satisfy our customers and our highest recommendations come from word of mouth – satisfied customers who have told their friends about us.

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