Touring caravan insurance

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What are my touring caravan insurance responsibilities?

Your insurers promise to cover you for certain losses you suffer and this promise is made on the basis of information you provide. It is essential you let insurers know should any of that information change.

It is entirely possible that a change in your information will not affect the amount you pay or the conditions that apply but you should not rely on that. The result could be an increase or even a reduction and, whilst it might be very annoying to be told that your premium will rise due to a change in the information, the dangers of not keeping your insurers up-to-date are significant. What would happen if you had a claim and you had failed to keep your insurers up-to-date?

On the plus side, it is possible your claim could be unaffected because the change in information has nothing to do with the circumstances of your loss. On the other hand your claim could be reduced or even rejected completely and there is little point in paying premiums unless your policy responds following an otherwise insured loss.

Another aspect of insurance is that the existence of a policy does not mean you can ignore all dangers or behave in a negligent manner in the happy belief that insurers will act as your safety net irrespective of the increased exposures such behaviour would create. Underlying all insurances is the expectation that you will act reasonably. The measure is whether you acted as though un-insured.

There are several possible outcomes that could result from a customer acting negligently because he is insured and, in the list below, we have cited two that would cause problems:-

In conclusion, remember to tell your insurers all the material facts about your unit. Most of these will be captured in the questions asked but, if you know about something that a reasonable person would think had a bearing on the likelihood of loss, then this should be declared as well. If any of the facts change during the policy period, then simply let your insurers know.

Otherwise enjoy your leisure vehicle safe in the knowledge that your policy is designed to help you should some accident occur.

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