Static caravan insurance

What paperwork should I expect?

Shoppers compare products, consider what to buy and expect to be given what they ordered. This applies as much to insurance as to the purchase of a unit.

In buying a policy, customers need sufficient information to make an informed decision and should expect proper evidence of their insurance to be provided.

Making an informed decision

Comparing full policy documents is a lengthy and difficult process. As a result, anyone selling insurance to the public is required to provide a ‘Key Facts Summary’ to simplify comparisons. This document is designed to enable you to see what benefits are offered but also what significant conditions or exclusions apply. The detail is in the wording but the Key Facts Summary should alert you to the areas that are important to you.

Evidence of insurance

Whatever you buy from a retailer you expect to receive your product quickly and to receive what you ordered. In the case of insurance, your product comes in the form of a promise set out in a policy wording and personalised documentation.

The paperwork should clearly identify the parties in the promise. The parties are the Insurer(s) making the promise and you, to whom the promise is made. Other information should appear such as a description of the property being insured, the sections of cover included, the relevant sums insured, the excess, the period covered and any special additional conditions.

Check your documents to satisfy yourself you have been given what you expect, in the same way as you would check any product you buy. In particular, if the paperwork contains any inaccuracies or if you are unhappy, contact us for clarification or to correct a problem. If this is not possible, you have the right to cancel within 14 days and receive a full refund.

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