Motorhome insurance

Motorhome policy cover FAQs

What levels of cover are available?

You can choose from two types of cover: fully comprehensive and third party fire and theft.

What cover does a THIRD PARTY FIRE & THEFT insurance policy provide?

This insurance protects you against any third party injury or property damage claims made against you as a result of having an accident.  The fire and theft aspect covers you against loss or damage to your motorhome due to it being stolen or set on fire.

What cover does your COMPREHENSIVE insurance policy provide?

Cover you for claims made by other people (including passengers) for injury to them or damage to their property.

Covers your motorhome against loss or damage caused by:

You can claim for damage to glass in your motorhome’s windscreen or windows (including the cost of supplying and fitting) and for any bodywork scratched by broken glass from the window, roof lights or windscreen.

What is the most the insurer will pay for damage to third party property?

£20 Million.

Will I be covered for towing a trailer?

Under the Third Party section you are cover to tow a trailer (as allowed by law). You are only covered for claims made against you.  There is no cover for loss or damage to the trailer under this section.  Please refer to the policy wording for further information.

Am I covered to drive another motorhome / private car?

Commonly known as “driving other cars” or DOC. Provided you are the policyholder and it is specifically stated in your certificate of motor insurance, you are covered third party only to drive any motorhome / private car that you do not own and have not hired under a hire purchase or leasing agreement, as long as you have the owner’s permission to drive the motorhome / private car. You are not insured against loss or damage to the motorhome/car you are driving, or if the incident occurs outside the United Kingdom.

What is a policy excess?

An excess is the amount you must pay towards every claim for loss or damage to your motorhome.

Do I have to pay a policy excess?

Yes, if your schedule shows that you have to pay an excess.

Is there a windscreen damage excess?

You must pay first £100 of every claim you make under this part of the insurance. The amount is reduced to £50 if you call the 24 hour windscreen helpline and repair or replacement is carried out by authorised windscreen replacement company recommended.

Will I lose my no claims bonus if I make a windscreen damage claim?

No, claims made for just glass damage do not affect your no claims bonus.

What is personal accident cover?

This provides cover for both you and your husband, wife or civil partner should you suffer a serious injury or death following an accident involving your motorhome. The cover also applies when either of you are travelling in any other private motor vehicle.  Please refer to the policy schedule and benefit table contained within the policy wording for the extent of cover applicable.

Am I covered for loss of my motorhome keys?

For an extra £10.50, you can add on our Key Protection cover which provides up to £1,500 towards replacement locks and keys in the event that your keys are stolen broken or lost.

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