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Motorhome no claim bonus FAQs

What is a "no claims bonus?

A bonus given by an insurer to policyholders who do not claim on their policy in a period of motorhome insurance. This “no claims bonus” is not a “no blame bonus”. If a claim is made for an event which is not your fault and the insurer have to make a payment, this will affect any no claims bonus entitlement unless the insurer can recover their expenses from the person responsible for the event.

What documents would I have to submit as proof of no claims bonus?

The renewal notice or letter confirming your No Claims Bonus from your last / current insurer.

Do “claim free” years driving a company car, count towards my no claims bonus ?


Do you offer an introductory no claims (mirrored) bonus?


What is no claims bonus protection?

It allows the client an agreed number of fault claims within a stated time span without affecting the amount of no claims bonus the client is entitled to.

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