Park home insurance

Why should I insure for more than the cost of my park home?

If your park home is destroyed, there are a number of additional costs that will arise, such as: debris removal, delivery charge and siting costs but there may be other costs and you should seek advice on this from your park owner.

Debris removal

Before a replacement unit can be sited, the remains of your destroyed park home have to be removed and there are strict environmental rules governing the way in which this happens. These rules have been introduced by Government legislation and are enforced by Local Authorities who have considerable powers to impose fines where the regulations are breached.

The cost of removing a park home in accordance with the regulations is high. We would normally expect the cost of debris removal to vary between £2,000 and £5,000, depending on the area but strongly suggest you seek advice from your park owner to confirm what you should allow.

Delivery charge

A delivery charge will be made to cover the costs of transporting your replacement park home to your park. Please speak to your park owner in order to decide what to allow for this.

Siting costs

When your replacement park home arrives, further charges will be made to site it on your pitch and connect it to park utilities such as electricity and sewerage etc. Please speak to your park owner in order to decide what amount to allow for this.

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