Top ten tips to caravan storage


Transcript to top ten tips to caravan storage video

Hi, my name's Iain MacDonald from Shield Total Insurance. I’m here at a Gold award, caravan storage site to give you advice on choosing the right caravan storage option for you.

CaSSOA membership

Firstly, check to see if the caravan storage provider is a member of the Caravan Storage Site Owners’ Association. Now this nationally recognised body has 500 accredited sites which meet agreed minimum standards of security.

Robust perimeter protection

Secondly, does the site have robust perimeter protection? Now this is paramount to the security aspect of the site, to deter the thief from theft of or from the caravan.

Access control

What about the access control in terms of, does it have a single point of entry and exit? Now what you may find is some sites may have automated gates, others manual gates. The key part to consider is the stopping value of the gate, not the means of opening and closing the gate.

Manual gates

If the storage location does have manual gates, make sure to check it does have a high quality padlock.

Closed circuit TV

Does the site actually have closed circuit television? Now this is pivotal to any crime prevention strategy, but must compliment the physical and electronic security aspects. Make sure the system actually operates. If it’s a dummy system then it's probably best to walk away.

Security lighting

Look at the security lighting. Does it cover the key entry and exit points and any other vulnerable areas?

Fire protection

Check to see whether there’s fire prevention methods in place. The site itself should have conducted a fire risk assessment periodically as part of the law. Check to ensure that the fire points are maintained, serviced and in good working order.

Vermin control regime

Check to make sure that the site actually has a vermin control regime in place. Now what you tend to find is that caravan insurance policies will exclude any liability for vermin infestation. Now vermin infestation from the likes of foxes and rodents is inevitable in some respects, but can cause considerable damages to caravans. Now although a vermin control regime programme will not kill all vermin, it will act as a deterrent as such. Now this is particularly important if you decide to opt for farm storage.

Caravan spacing

Look at the caravan spacing. The caravan spacing should be sufficient to cope with the dimensions of the modern large caravan. Also make sure that there's sufficient spacing between the caravans for a sufficient fire break.

Caravan storage contracts

And last but not least, check the actual storage contract itself. You will find, as a condition of storage, you will need to have valid caravan insurance in place. Now the document itself can vary from a legally complex document, to what is no more than a simple document with personal details, and a disclaimer as to any liability. Now it's key that you actually read the terms and understand them before you sign the document, as otherwise once you have signed the document, you are bound by its terms.


At Shield Total Insurance, we recommend that you keep your touring caravan in a storage area that belongs to a professional association, such as CaSSOA . The reason for that is simple mathematics. There are between 600 and 1200 touring caravans stolen every year in the UK. 50% of those caravans are stolen from home addresses; only 3% are taken from secure storage. That means you are 18 times more likely to have your caravan stolen from home. To recognise that fact, Shield Total Insurance will give you a discount for up to 25% for storing your caravan on a CaSSOA Gold site.

When you think about it and you work out it only costs around a pound a night to store on a site like this, you are getting secure storage for less than a price of a cheeseburger.


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