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Andrew Jenkinson - UK Caravan Expert

Shield have teamed up with the UK’s leading caravanning expert and caravan historian, Andrew Jenkinson, to provide you with regular updates on the world of caravanning and motorhoming today.

Andrew is an experienced caravan, holiday caravan, park home and motoring journalist and a regular contributor to a number of leading UK caravanning magazine titles including: the Camping and Caravanning Club magazine; Caravan; Scottish Caravanner; and Caravan Motorhome and Camping MART.

 If you enjoy the caravanning lifestyle, it is more than likely that you will have previously read one of Andrew’s articles or company plotted history features (e.g. for Bailey Caravans). Perhaps you may have seen Andrew’s range of Caravan and Motorhome memorabilia which includes: “Classic Caravanning” greeting cards and “Classic Caravanning Scenes” calendar (with nostalgic caravan images from the 1970s and 1980s).

As the established authority to the UK caravan industry, it is not uncommon to see Andrew being interviewed on national or local television, or hear him on the radio. Andrew is a successful author. His numerous published book titles include:

  • Micro-caravans: The Illustrated History - From 1918
  • Caravans - The Story of British Trailer Caravans and their manufacturers 1919 - 1959
  • Caravans: The Illustrated History - From 1960Caravans - The Story of British Trailer Caravans and their manufacturers from 1960
  • The Veloce Guide to the Top 100 Touring Caravans
  • Motorhomes - The Illustrated History
  • I-Spy Caravans and Motorhomes
  • The story of Sprite Caravans

We asked Andrew when his love of caravans began?

Over 40 years, I have built an extensive archive of caravan research material.  In 1969, as a young lad I became interested in the UK caravan industry. My father bought all the magazines of the time and instead of seeing them discarded, I began to collect them! Many a weekend was spend looking around caravan dealerships, picking up caravan brochures to add to my collection. From that time, I studied manufacturers’ models and innovations (- not just touring caravans but also holiday homes too).

By the late 1970’s, I began visiting the indoor and outdoor caravan shows. From 1984 and every year since, I have attended the annual Hull Lawns and Beaulieu trade shows plus the Manchester G-Mex show (from 1987) and the Birmingham NEC shows (from 1985) - gathering more information and experience along the way (- by now collecting caravan material from the 1920’s too!)

My first Classic Caravan article was published in 1992, in a magazine named Caravan Life (then edited by Shield Total Insurance’s very own Stuart Craig) - writing a series of classic caravan articles starting with the Cheltenham Caravan. Within three years, I was writing for Practical Caravan, and Caravan Magazine - now also testing new caravans; reporting industry news and offering guidance to readers buying used, second hand caravans. In the late 1990s, I began Motorhome testing, covering used as well as new motor caravans. By 2004, I had had several books published. These have since become reference material for the caravan industry and more specifically, for other caravan journalists.

From being unknown back in 1992, I have become the caravan industry’s historian for the heritage of caravans and caravanning in the UK.