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Canine clubs liability insurance from just £64.

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Canine clubs insurance

Over 1,300 canine kennel clubs, canine associations, dog societies and businesses already benefit from our comprehensive, canine liability insurance that is available from just £64!

We provide bespoke insurances for dog training and agility clubs, dog training instructors, dog sitters and walkers (including off the lead cover). Our Canine Club Insurance includes public liability, employers’ liability, cover for damage to cups and trophies as well as property and equipment and goes even further by catering for abandoned events and loss of money.

As you can see, we aim to provide wide-ranging insurance cover designed for all club activities as well as businesses that provide services to dogs and their owners. Activities covered can include:

  • Shows and demonstrations (e.g. agility, flyball, obedience and ringcraft)
  • Group training and one to one training including behavioural training
  • Fostering and dog sitting
  • Use of live ammunition with gun dogs

This is far from an exhaustive list so, for expert advice on your needs for pet liability insurance and canine club equipment insurance, please call us on 01277 243 012.

Public liability insurance for canine clubs, societies and trainers

To protect you and your dog club or society against the costs of an award, simply select the level of cover desired. Policy benefits can include:

  • Up to £5 million third party liability insurance, including related legal costs, if someone is injured or their property is damaged
  • Up to £5 million “member to member” or “handler to handler” liability cover, in connection with injuries to members / handlers, their property or their dogs caused by another member or dog handler
  • Member’s, trainee’s or handler’s personal liability
  • Not only do we arrange this insurance for your club or business, we can also extend it to include awards made against individuals such as members, invited judges, stewards, gamekeepers, beaters and any other person who is acting in an official capacity for the Club
  • Up to £10 million employers’ liability cover for your legal liability for death, injury or disease to employees as well as any loss or damage suffered to their property.
  • Professional indemnity cover is available for dog trainers, for claims made which allege that the dog trainer’s negligent act, error or omission caused financial loss

Insurance to cover cups and trophies, property and equipment, abandoned events and loss of money

  • Cover for fire, theft, storm malicious damage, impact, accidental loss or many other causes of damage to your cups and trophies and / or property and equipment you own or hire
  • Abandoned, organised club event cover (exclusions may apply)
  • Loss of money

Canine clubs liability insurance from just £64. We offer a practical, low cost solution to your dog liability insurance requirements.

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