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Shield Total Insurance offers affordable legal liability and contents protection for your allotment and association.

Allotment insurance from just £51 per annum!

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Allotment insurance

Looking for low cost allotment insurance for your allotment association, allotment club or society, then speak to us!

With the growing demand for council allotment plots, there is a corresponding desire to secure affordable allotment insurance cover. Our wide-ranging allotment insurance is designed to cater for the specific needs of allotment plot holders, providing public liability, trustee liability, employers’ liability, court awards, cups and trophies, buildings and equipment, abandoned events and loss of money – all from just £51 per annum!

We work closely with the leading, national representative body for the UK allotment community - The National Allotment Society (National Society of Allotment and Leisure Gardeners). This organisation proudly consists of over 125,000 members.  

Simply select the elements you want and choose the level of policy cover that best suits your club’s individual requirements. To speak to one of our specialist team of allotment insurance experts, please call 01277 243 054.

An allotment insurance policy for all seasons

Our allotment insurance is designed to cover the legal liabilities of:

  • The association
  • Members of the association
  • Employees of the association
  • Trustees in their role of officials of the association
  • The association’s landlords

Legal liabilities can arise when your actions cause injury to someone else or loss or damage to their property. To view recent examples of liability claims received by us, please click here.

And the loss or damage to:

  • Buildings
  • Equipment
  • Cups and trophies

As well as abandoned events and loss of money.

Policy benefits can include:

  • Up to £10 million liability cover for liabilities of the club
  • Up to £10 million liability cover for its members and its landlords in connection with activities of the club. (Members include: people officially registered as a permanent member of the club, invited judges, stewards and any other person who is acting in an official capacity for the club).
  • Up to £10 million employers’ liability cover for any legal liability for death, injury or disease to employees (including volunteers and assistants)
  • Up to £250,000 compensation if you are the victim of negligence and have been unable to re-coup your court award from the negligent person
  • Trustee indemnity up to £100,000 for an act, error or omission committed by a trusted person arising solely from their duties on behalf of the club - performed on a “not-for-profit” basis
  • Cover for the loss of or damage to cups and trophies
  • £50,000 cover (or more on request) for loss or damage to buildings and equipment (including maintenance tools and self-propelled lawn mowers) that are owned, hired or used by the club
  • Abandoned events cover for meetings, functions, events, training sessions or shows organised by the club, following the cancellation of an event due to circumstances beyond your control (- please refer to the policy wording for more details)
  • Loss of money cover when taking money to the bank or when it is temporarily at the home of club officials


The allotment insurance specialist

Did you know that Shield is one of the UK’s biggest and most experienced providers of outdoor leisure related insurance. With premiums from just £51, it pays to choose Shield for all your allotment insurance needs.

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